Buster Blog 2010

January 14, 2010

I thought Buster had stopped suckling his mom, but I still catch him having a comfort suckle from time to time.

February 3, 2010

Luckily Buster's being slow to mature. His father, however, thinks he's old enough for mating lessons. He'll mount his son and show him how it's done. I used to think this was just a dominance act, but now I realize it's lessons. Buster's not always a willing student, crying out and squirming.

February 14, 2010

Woke up to find Buster sleeping at the top of my pillow. I covered his paw with my hand and he shifted his head to use my hand as a pillow. I was so touched I lingered to enjoy the moment. I so love this little guy.

February 16, 2010

Buster doesn't even know the meaning of the word shy. He'll go right up and try stealing food from Tuffy's mouth, treats of real chicken that is. He wants his share and everyone else's too.

February 10, 2010

Buster and his daddy are very close. He's getting so big it's a wonder he and his dad still fit on top of the kitty condo together.

February 27, 2010

Buster likes to be near. He's a great little helper. Here he is hard at work. What's really fun is if I don't know or forget that he's laying behind my laptop and he stands up to stretch. Suddenly there's something rising up behind my computer. First time he did this I jumped.

March 6, 2010

About a week ago I listened to an interview with Gwen Bonnell about using EFT "tapping" on animals. I learned that I used some of these techniques instinctively. I've been trying them on my kitties. At first Buster wasn't sure, but as I learned how he liked it he's gotten into it. In fact he's now rewarding my efforts to improve his well-being and pleasure him this way by purring for me. I've been aching for him to purr for me. It's very soft and sweet, but I've found his purr. If I could I'd purr back, I'm so delighted.

March 16, 2010

Seymor , my turtle, is awake for the summer. Buster finds him fascinating. He'll sit and watch him then take a nap right there next to Seymor's cage

April 14, 2010

I just noticed how Buster was drinking. The water bowl is a metal dog dish, the kind that won't tip over, made for a large dog. Buster went up to it, spread his front paws apart around it so his back toes were touching the bowl then, carefully balancing, drank from the far side of the bowl. I'd shake my head and wonder where he got that idea, but his mother probably taught him. She likes to use her paw to get water.

April 30, 2010

Money being super tight these days I've taken to occasionally making the kitties wet food to stretch their kibble or bridge the gap between sacks. It's basically the recipe from Dr Pitcairn's "Natural Health for Dogs and Cats". You'd think they'd gobble it down since they always want what I eat, but they don't. Buster is the only one who seems to appreciate it.

May 5, 2010

Met a black adolescent kitten in my yard. She's real friendly and let me pet her. Now she thinks she's mine and hangs out on the porch. She'll sit outside the window and Buster will sit on the window ledge inside.

May 21, 2010

Buster's one year old. Where has the time gone? He doesn't look a year old, he's small for his age. His poor digestion has held him back. His father, Hobbit was small too, but he's a sturdy tom cat now. He'll just be a late bloomer, like his daddy.

June 9, 2010

Buster's so sweet. He's taken to sleeping on my nightstand. If I put my hand there he'll use it for a pillow.

June 17, 2010

Often Buster will curl up on the sandals I wear around the house, while I'm watching TV. Sometimes he does it while I'm still wearing them.

July 5, 2010

Oh dear, Buster got himself stuck. I noticed him eating and something didn't look right. He had somehow gotten his right arm through his collar. It was cute, but I imagine uncomfortable. I had to unclasp it to right it. He doesn't like to be fussed over so the remedy bothered him more than the problem. Afterwards I thought about taking a photo, but I was happy to have freed him without delay.

August 7, 2010

Buster likes to sleep in one of the carriers. I have this small, blue, fake fur teddy bear dog toy I got for 89 cents. I thought it'd make a good pillow for him so I put it in there. I take it he agrees. Aterall he's always using my shoes, or my foot, for a pillow. The teddy bear has to be more comfortable.

August 12, 2010

Wow, did I do a good thing or what?! Buster cuddles the teddy bear every day now. He's so sweet.

October 19, 2010

I had a long day of physical labor so I fell into bed exhausted and achy. Buster and his mom, Sweetie, curled up on top of me to sleep. I was so sore even his little weight was almost too much. I had to get up four or five times and each time they climbed back on top of me as soon as I got back into bed. I've heard that that's how cats heal you.

October 21, 2010

I keep trying to tuck Buster under the covers with me, but he won't stay there. Right now I'm using an afghan on top of my covers, for warmth. I discovered that if I put him under the afghan, but on top of the covers, he'll stay there and sleep in warmth, until disturbed.

October 24, 2010

Buster has lost weight and appetite, I'm worried. He's having trouble getting up on the bed and other places. I assisted him up onto the bed, placing him on the pillow next to Cali. They gathered around him. His "aunt" Missie seems to know he needs comforting. I'm feeding him turkey baby food to get his strength up. He even tried to eat some kibble afterwards.

I took him outside. I held him while sitting on the steps so he could soak up some sunshine and breathe fresh air. He got a bit restless so I put him down in the grass in case he needed to relieve himself. The outside kitties come over to sniff him while he wobbled in the grass.

October 25, 2010 11:15 am

Buster crossed over. He slept under the covers with me, then passed in my arms this morning. His parents said good-bye while he lay on my bed. Missy went around looking for him.

He's free from his troubled body now, free to play with my other animal friends on the other side. He's a special spirit.

October 26, 2010

The house is extra quiet now, no jingling collar moving around. Sweetie spent much of the day in the upper compartment of the kitty condo, where she and Buster napped Saturday. Hobbit's been quiet, not up to his usual mischief. Missy's been wandering the house more than usual. I didn't realize how big a presence that little cat had. He is truly missed.