When it comes to giving to charities this one’s so easy.  Look for this push pin logo on Con Agra food products such as Hunt’s tomatoes.  Some of them have a code number to enter on the Child Hunger Ends Here website.  You can enter it five times a day, every day, until it expires.  If you also enter your zip code it will benefit your local food bank.  Each code you enters provides a meal for a child in America where one child in every five doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.  “Make a difference in your own community today.”  Giving to charities couldn’t be easier.

Here's the link and a code you can enter.  Just copy and paste the code into the box.  When this code expires watch the labels and this page for the next promotion so you can continue giving to charities.

Child Hunger Ends Here

June 2015 through January 7, 2016 code: