More Animal Stories

I love animal stories. One of my favorite TV shows was the BBC's All Creatures Great and Small about a veterinarian named James Harriett. Animal stories can make us laugh and fill us with wonder. Here's some I'd like to share with you.

What Scared The Peacock?

There's a peacock in my neighborhood. He's adopted my neighbors' yard. One day I saw him displaying in the alley. Since there wasn't a pea hen around it had to be a defensive display. He was focused on a patch of weeds. I went to investigate, hoping to get a photo of him from the front. If you look real close at the bottom of the tallest weed you'll see a pair of eyes in a blonde face.

Here's what had the very large peacock so worried. Two itty bitty kittens hiding in the weeds.

Chihuahua in the Park

I saw the cutest thing today when I drove by the park. There were two women standing there having a conversation. While they talked this chihuahua pup ran circles and figure eights around their feet, at top speed. It just kept going and going and going. Now that's just pure joy. The Energizer bunny doesn't have anything on this pup.

Best Friends - Cat & Deer

A friend e-mailed this to me. I don't know who originated it. If you know the cat's owner please contact me so I can give them credit.

Here's the original text:

"Deer visits cat in yard every morning!

There is nothing more wonderful than animals!!!

A cat in Harrisburg has a special friend that visits every morning.

The owner finally took pics."