The munchkins are brother and sister siamese crosses and their son Buster. I gave them this nickname because they're smaller than my other cats. I adopted them from a stray pack someone I knew was feeding. Their gray tabby mother brought them to the community food bowl. They were sick. The boy was only .6 pound, while his sister was 1.1 pounds. They had fleas, ear mites and crusty eyes. The boy had an upper respiratory problem as well.

Right away I started calling the girl Sweetie, because she's so sweet, and the boy Lit'l Bit, because he was a little bit behind his sister. Sweetie played with him like he was a rag doll.

Sweetie adapted to pate canned food right away, but her brother was needy. I dropper fed him "cat milk" and he tried to suckle the pate. He would also suckle his sister, attaching to the only thing that protruded from her tiny belly, you get the picture.

I sought a better name for the boy. I tried naming him Pippin, after one of the hobbits, in Lord of the Rings, but it didn't stick. However Hobbit did.

To be continued (with photos).

I couldn't wait to share this shot. This is Sweetie's glam shot. She was laying on my bed, before I could make it up, so I pulled the covers over her and she stayed. This is iconic Sweetie. She's so pretty.